Gender Pay Gap

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Gender Pay Gap Report


(March 2020)




Under UK legislation that came into force in April 2017, all companies with 250 or more employees in the UK are required to report their gender pay gap annually.

Our 2020 gender pay gap report

Our Gender Pay Gap figures have been calculated using the mechanisms that are set out in the gender pay gap reporting legislation.

The data represents all employees in the UK as at 5th April 2020.

The mean pay gap is the difference in average hourly pay between men and women.

The median pay gap is the difference between the midpoints in the ranges of hourly rates.

The pay quartiles are calculated by listing the rates of pay from the lowest to highest, before splitting them into four equal groups.

Opening statement

Calibre International passionately support the principle of equality, diversity and inclusion in employment.

Our philosophy is to encourage, value and manage diversity, and to recognise that talent is distributed across the population.

Whilst we endorse moral and social reasons for promoting equality of opportunity, we will not try to fit people into jobs to influence statistics. Instead, it is in the best interest of this organisation to recruit and develop the best people for our jobs, and from a wide and diverse pool as possible, as well as to ensure that all staff are able to reach their full potential.

As part of our commitment, Calibre International will continue to foster equality of opportunity for all its employees and contractors, regardless of gender. Every possible steps are taken to ensure that individuals are treated fairly in all aspects of their employment with Calibre International.

Gender pay & bonus gap

The table below reflects our overall mean and median gender pay gap based on hourly rate of pay as a snapshot date (5th April 2020). As well as showing the mean and median differences between bonuses paid to male and female employees at Calibre International up to the same period.

Hourly Gender Pay Gap-33.86%0.58%
Gender Bonus Gap     0.0%0.0%

The mean hourly pay gap shows minus 33.86% favouring women. This is skewed by a large number of female cleaning staff employed. Pay rates in the housekeeping sector has increased which has attracted more women into this role.

The median pay gap of 0.58%, which is below the Office of National Statistics reported averages in the previous years.







Distribution of hourly pay

The graph below illustrates the gender split at Calibre International across the four quartiles. There are more females employed than males across upper and lower quartiles and more men employed in upper middle and lower middle quartile. However, the pay difference between upper quartile and other three quartiles is quite subsequent, therefore accounting for overall higher pay for women.

Closing statement

Calibre International is confident all employees are paid equally for doing the same job across the business irrespective of gender.

We shall continue to encourage more gender balance throughout the company. Our aim is also to raise aspirations and challenge gender stereotypes within the hospitality sector.

Calibre International constantly develops and improves its HR policies and practices to ensure that our recruitment culture actively supports development and equal opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, religion, disability or sexual orientation.